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Two days after Surgery

I got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I don’t feel like sick at all. I am glad to be home and getting plenty of rest. I am still wearing gauze bandage that is wrapped around my head. I can’t get it off until Monday. I had blood in my throat from the Eustachian tube when I spit. I can’t take a shower because I need to keep my dressings dry. I can’t wait to get them off tomorrow. It’s not very comfortable. My husband teased on me, he thought I looked grumpy or grouchy because of my forehead makes me look  mad. I’m not but is was funny anyway. LoL The gauze bandage is too tight for my head.

My incision behind my ear was painful this morning at 3:30am. I grabbed the pain medicine and returned to bed. I laid back down on my right side and hit my  cozy pillow. I got up this morning and had a sore on my upper arms and shoulder area.  I am staying at home and getting lots a rest. I am watching lots rental movies.  And we ordered pizza.  My husband is taking care of me.  Like any guy would (movies and pizza)

I can’t wait to get this stupid gauze bandage off tomorrow.



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My Surgery Day

Finally, My implant arrived at the hospital this morning.
Today my surgery is on my mom’s birthday. It’s special gift to her for me to hear. My mom always wanted me to hear. I arrived at the hospital at 8:30. I was ready for surgery. My surgery time was at 10:30.
After I woke up from recovery. I was a little dizzy. My head was wrapped with a gauze bandage wrap that made my forehead look a little swollen. For dinner I ate Chicken Stir Fry, Vanilla wafers and cherry cheesecake. It is great I don’t feel sick or nausea at all. I can feel where they cut and drilled into bone. I taste metal and it is numb when I eat. My pain is now a 7 or an 8 but it is better than when I woke up.
I was disappointed with the hospital for not having Closed-Captioned TV in my room. I can’t believe they don’t have CC available. I am feeling quite bored without TV and my laptop. I miss my laptop because my unit doesn’t have wi-fi.
My husband and I walked around the hallways for exercise. And low and behold we found wi-fi in the rooms in the new wing (found that out from Chris and our Blackberries’ wi-fi). We came back to my unit and picked up my laptop bag and my hospital water cup and high tailed it to the a waiting room with wi-fi. Oh the woes of being a geek, I can never live with having a connection. I want to blog how I am feeling today. Just be patient while everything loads for the next day. I promise everything will go up tomorrow.

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Bad News & Good News!

Me and my husband got to the hospital at 9 clock.  I checked in at the patient registration desk and then sat down in the lobby.  Then we went to surgery waiting lobby after filling out paperwork.    I got ready for surgery and then the doctor and his team came to the room I was in.  He said, “I have bad news about your surgery.  It will have to be postponed because the cochlear company didn’t deliver the implant to the hospital yet.”   I was disappointed.   Everyone apologized.   The doctor promised he would call me back to re-schedule.  I got dressed, and all I wanted to do was drink coffee.   My husband, both of our mothers, and I went out for breakfast at Bob Evans.

At 5 clock,  my husband got a call from ENT to reschedule for the next day.  I hope it will not be like it was today.     I have to take the antibiotics again, and can’t eat or drink after midnight just like the previous night.

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