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3 to 7 days

I was doing laundry. I woke my honey up from late in the afternoon. I took off my CI and hearing aid for a moment. The washer and spinning were LOUD! My husband’s wishing to have HE washer/dryer with silent sound. I grabbed the Aleve for headache relieve. When the pain is goes away. I put CI on. I felt so much better.

I made chicken & artichoke pizza for dinner. I heard many noise with metal stuff. It was pizza sheet’s sound on the counter and adds the topping on it. I put the pizza in the oven and heard the rack in oven. After I took it out of oven and does pizza’s slice cut with sound. It was interesting.

4 days

I heard something and asked Chris what is that? He said, “It was AC vents.” I was saying ohm. We went to Firefly Coffeehouse for his study. I was playing with my laptop and listen music on ipod. I heard people chattering. We came home. He got ready for go work. I was listens the music on ipod. I did with iron for Chris’ uniform. I made a creamy chicken and artichoke soup. The artichoke is my favorite!

5 days, my husband left out of town in early morning. He sent me blackberry instant messenger to let me know. He wanted me to put CI on before storm and rain come. I got up at 9:15. I missed to hear the storm and rain. It was passed. Darn it! I am looking forward to hear rain’s sound again this week. My dog started to howl real LOUD! It drove me crazy! LOL I forget my moleskin left at my mom’s house. I sent a text message to her. To remind her bring the moleskin to her work. I need to replace the new moleskin. I went to mall and meet my mom’s work. I rode on the bus to mall. I heard the noise. I stopped by my mom’s work to see what is up. Her co-workers are happy for me to hear with CI. My hair was down the time. I walked around the mall until my mom got off work. She drove and drops me off at home. I let my dog out pee. I wanted to listen the ipod while I making man’s bracelet with macramé.

My honey came home from work and saw my dance with ipod. He was big smile and crying. We went to mall. I bought a new pink purse to fix for my laptop and stuff. We walked around the mall. We went to his friend’s house for a little while. I took my hearing aid off from my right ear. Because my right brain was headache and my left brain with ci isn’t headache. It was an opposite.

6 days, my honey and I went to his friend’s house for visit. I met a new friend of my honey’s friend from high school. She played on her bass guitar. I was enjoying the sound of bass guitar. She is nice lady! I was so tired and go home.

7 days later, I turned my CI on P3 in silent room. I heard my dog’s chewing with her greenie. I held the greenie and let her chewing. It was interesting.


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My Surgery Day

Finally, My implant arrived at the hospital this morning.
Today my surgery is on my mom’s birthday. It’s special gift to her for me to hear. My mom always wanted me to hear. I arrived at the hospital at 8:30. I was ready for surgery. My surgery time was at 10:30.
After I woke up from recovery. I was a little dizzy. My head was wrapped with a gauze bandage wrap that made my forehead look a little swollen. For dinner I ate Chicken Stir Fry, Vanilla wafers and cherry cheesecake. It is great I don’t feel sick or nausea at all. I can feel where they cut and drilled into bone. I taste metal and it is numb when I eat. My pain is now a 7 or an 8 but it is better than when I woke up.
I was disappointed with the hospital for not having Closed-Captioned TV in my room. I can’t believe they don’t have CC available. I am feeling quite bored without TV and my laptop. I miss my laptop because my unit doesn’t have wi-fi.
My husband and I walked around the hallways for exercise. And low and behold we found wi-fi in the rooms in the new wing (found that out from Chris and our Blackberries’ wi-fi). We came back to my unit and picked up my laptop bag and my hospital water cup and high tailed it to the a waiting room with wi-fi. Oh the woes of being a geek, I can never live with having a connection. I want to blog how I am feeling today. Just be patient while everything loads for the next day. I promise everything will go up tomorrow.

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