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Good News!!!!!

My doctors started a new procedure so that they minimize the hear loss from the implantation. They tested me at my last appointment and I still have hearing in my ear with the implant. They don’t destroy the ears anymore. Thank god!!!! The technology is improve than before.


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Bandage off

StitchesWhen I got up this morning.   I went to bathroom and looked in the mirror, my head was swollen and my eye was all puffy.   I woke my husband up to call the doctor about bandage off.    My husband got confirmation that he could cut it off and  grabbed the scissors to cut the gauze off.    He took it off really gently taking really small cuts.  As I took the bandage off I took a deep breath.  I am feeling much better now that I got the bandage off. I saw behind my  ear that I have 6 staples.   I can feel the implant under my skin.  It makes me smile.  I wonder why my eye is puffy.    I really want to wash my hair but I can’t because of the incision.   Bummer!   I took a shower with dry towel wrap around my head.   I am about to go over to my mom’s house.   So she can take care of me when my husband is at work.   I don’t want to be alone at home with my dog.   I don’t want go outside in public to see my eye puffy and staples behind my ear.    I am able to sleep with my pillow normally without the bandage on. I am glad the doctors cut behind my ear instead of shave hair like they did previously.  They really didn’t shave that much hair.  Whew! Not that bad!   Here is the picture.

3 comments June 16, 2009

Bad News & Good News!

Me and my husband got to the hospital at 9 clock.  I checked in at the patient registration desk and then sat down in the lobby.  Then we went to surgery waiting lobby after filling out paperwork.    I got ready for surgery and then the doctor and his team came to the room I was in.  He said, “I have bad news about your surgery.  It will have to be postponed because the cochlear company didn’t deliver the implant to the hospital yet.”   I was disappointed.   Everyone apologized.   The doctor promised he would call me back to re-schedule.  I got dressed, and all I wanted to do was drink coffee.   My husband, both of our mothers, and I went out for breakfast at Bob Evans.

At 5 clock,  my husband got a call from ENT to reschedule for the next day.  I hope it will not be like it was today.     I have to take the antibiotics again, and can’t eat or drink after midnight just like the previous night.

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