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After Activate – 2 days

I heard the traffic on the road from my apt. My dog was barking. I told my honey to go ENT and pick the recharge batter up from ENT. I stopped at ENT and pick the stuff up. The audiologist asked me, “How is your implant’s feeling?” I said my coil magnet is fine expect my controller BTE (Sound Processor) is heavy and hurt behind on my ear with sore skin scar. She offered me to use moleskin to help me not hurt the skin. My honey and I come to my mom’s house for late lunch. After that, my mom left home to go insurance company. My honey left to work. I walked to drug store and buy a battery for my flip video and moleskin with 3 sheets. I returned to my mom’s house. I cut the moleskin to make a shape and put behind on my ear.

I heard the typing on my keyboard. I heard something loud in background. It was sensitive of garbage disposal. My mom put food into disposal. I hate the sound! My mom stepped on the stool and put plates & glasses cup in the cabinet & shut down the door. She tapped on counter to get my attention. I was startle when I hear the tap. I hate it! She was playing with me if I can hear her. I told her to call my name instead tap. It made me nervous when I heard tap. I heard the kettle’s whistle and boiling. I came home and took my CI off for rest on my ear.


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Activation (7/7/09)

I went to ENT for my activation.   I was so excited and anxious.   At first thing my audiologist put the sound processor on my left ear to see if the electrode array was working.    It worked fine.  I can feel the nerves in the left side of my face.  I signaled with my hand to show that I could hear and feel it.  Then the audiologist turned on sound, but was soft.  I felt dizzy from the sensations in my eyes and all around my head. It Startled me and I laughed, but It means that the implant is working fine.  This is my very first experience with that much sound.    I didn’t cry when it was too loud, but the audiologist started it again more softly and gradually increased the sound after that.  I heard the audiologist’s voice, then my husband’s voice.  My mom’s voice and my mother in the law’s voice came after that, and they were both crying.  They were all so happy.  I stayed there at the audiologist for 2 half hours.  When I left ENT and went  outside, I heard the wind moving the trees, and it made so much noise.  I can hear people when they are chat in on about things.   This is my first experience with sound.  When my husband started the car engine I could feel the vibration,  was able to hear it for the first time..

He turned on the Ipod for me to listen.  My first song was “Building A Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan the acoustic version and the second was “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s.  My Third was “A 1000 Miles” the acoustic version by Vanessa Carlton.  And the last was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.  It all was interesting!

The most annoying sounds are the toilet flush, a coffee grinder, and frappuccino blender at Starbucks.  My skin is still sensitive behind my ear from the surgery.   My Cochlear Implant processor is heavier than my previous hearing aid.

I visited my uncle and aunt for a little while.  My uncle played with a guitar for a couple of minutes, which I enjoyed quite nicely.  I played the piano and felt the sound.  I heard my dog’s bark for the first time and it is real loud.  She growled at the other dogs to.  Both my uncle and aunt are happy for me to hear sounds.  After I left their house I went to my sister in law’s apt briefly.    She was so excited for me.   She loves the cochlear implant look, and thinks it looks cool!  When she said “WOW!,” I could hear her beautiful voice.  Her good friend that was there loves my CI too.  Then we went to our friends’ house to show them my cochlear implant too.  I could hear their children’s voices.  I turned my head to look one of children crying when they fell on the floor sound, and it sounded like a thud.  The awesome sound was when I heard the cats purring.  My friend’s brother came to visit and saw my cochlear implant.   He too said, “I am happy for you” but I could understand through reading his lips.  I said “thank you.” And He said, “You’re welcome.”   And I understand him.  When I told my husband Chris that I can understand through lip reading, he was excited.

My husband and I went home and opened the box from the Cochlear Implant company.   I loved it!   I was so excited.  I would love to show off my cochlear implant and all the accessories.  The cochlear technology is so cool!   My impression of the Nucleus Freedom is good.   The Technician forgot my batteries and charger when I left ENT.   We will just have to pick it up tomorrow.

When my husband got accessories cord for the TV into the CI Processor, I was impressed with the long cord.  Plus it had volume on the cord, it was so great.     I heard people on the TV speaking.   I tried to lip-read from when people were speak.  My husband explained to me, how to listen and focus on the different voices.   I heard it’s different and was not the same.     Chris has a bad habit of tapping on the chair to get my attention and it startled me.   I told him I didn’t like that.  I was overwhelmed.  He was laughing.  I told him to call my name Jessica instead tap on me.     He gave me 6 different choices for a name he can call me.  Jessica, Jessie, Jessy, Jess, Sweetie and Honey.  I want him to repeat them so I could hear them a couple of times.  He said Je-ss-ica 3 times.  He said Je-ss-ie, Je-ss.  I was surprised.  But I was tired and had a long day!   And I had a great time.

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HealedIt was last June 23.  I am sorry to update a post little late.

I went to the doctor today.  The nurse pulled the staples out from behind my ear.   It only hurt a little.  My skin felt stretched and back to normal, flat.   It felt like a bee sting.   My doctor checked my incision and made sure it was not infected.   He touched the implant inside my head to if it hurts or not.  I felt nothing except my ear is still sore in a circle around my ear.  He said everything is fine and is normal.  He asked me if I can speak a little?  I said yeah.   I told him I can’t wait to hear my voice that I have never heard before.   He saw that I am not afraid of activation and am really excited.   He smiled.    I stayed there for 30 minutes.
I went to get my glasses repaired.  My glasses were broke when I took the arm off because of my surgery.  The lady repaired and put a new nut and bolt in.  It’s hurts behind my ear, because of the cut.   I tried to figure it out to solve the problem.   I am thinking about putting foam on to make it more comfortable.  I am so happy.  I will be able to take a showers again!

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