After Activate – 2 days

July 14, 2009 Bionic Geek chic
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I heard the traffic on the road from my apt. My dog was barking. I told my honey to go ENT and pick the recharge batter up from ENT. I stopped at ENT and pick the stuff up. The audiologist asked me, “How is your implant’s feeling?” I said my coil magnet is fine expect my controller BTE (Sound Processor) is heavy and hurt behind on my ear with sore skin scar. She offered me to use moleskin to help me not hurt the skin. My honey and I come to my mom’s house for late lunch. After that, my mom left home to go insurance company. My honey left to work. I walked to drug store and buy a battery for my flip video and moleskin with 3 sheets. I returned to my mom’s house. I cut the moleskin to make a shape and put behind on my ear.

I heard the typing on my keyboard. I heard something loud in background. It was sensitive of garbage disposal. My mom put food into disposal. I hate the sound! My mom stepped on the stool and put plates & glasses cup in the cabinet & shut down the door. She tapped on counter to get my attention. I was startle when I hear the tap. I hate it! She was playing with me if I can hear her. I told her to call my name instead tap. It made me nervous when I heard tap. I heard the kettle’s whistle and boiling. I came home and took my CI off for rest on my ear.


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