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Early Life

I was born with Ushers Syndrome – a rare genetic disorder involving a profound loss of hearing, balance and vision problems.  I was diagnosed with the hearing loss at 18 months old.   I started wearing hearing aids by 2 years old and started going to school soon after that.

By age 3 I was miserable because I could not communicate.  My dad and mom talked to my teacher and they decided I needed sign language.   I learned very quickly to communicate with SEE “Sign Exact English”.   I attended to Pre-School for hearing impaired.

I started to learn ASL at age 10 half years old at deaf school.    I learned very quickly to communicate with ASL.  After my dad died of cancer until 5 months before I was diagnosed at 15 half years old with Retinitis Pigmentosa and that also meant Usher’s Syndrome.    I will not able to drive.  I became angry and depress.  My dad never know that I have it.

I will update my story about Usher’s Syndrome when I was in deaf school.   It was the worse memories ever I had.  The post is coming soon.


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HealedIt was last June 23.  I am sorry to update a post little late.

I went to the doctor today.  The nurse pulled the staples out from behind my ear.   It only hurt a little.  My skin felt stretched and back to normal, flat.   It felt like a bee sting.   My doctor checked my incision and made sure it was not infected.   He touched the implant inside my head to if it hurts or not.  I felt nothing except my ear is still sore in a circle around my ear.  He said everything is fine and is normal.  He asked me if I can speak a little?  I said yeah.   I told him I can’t wait to hear my voice that I have never heard before.   He saw that I am not afraid of activation and am really excited.   He smiled.    I stayed there for 30 minutes.
I went to get my glasses repaired.  My glasses were broke when I took the arm off because of my surgery.  The lady repaired and put a new nut and bolt in.  It’s hurts behind my ear, because of the cut.   I tried to figure it out to solve the problem.   I am thinking about putting foam on to make it more comfortable.  I am so happy.  I will be able to take a showers again!

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Another in a moment

Every time I grab a Kleenex and blow my nose it makes my ear pop.  It hurt so bad.  And when I clear my throat it causes my ear to pop.   I can’t wait until that goes away.

I’m still wearing my glasses with no left arm still, because of the 6 staples behind my ear.   I tried on a pair of sunglasses and the arm on those glasses hurt.    It’s not comfortable and doesn’t fit.   I can’t wait until next week on Tuesday for my Post-Operative to get staples off.   I am tired of my glasses with one arm I look like I am poor and can’t afford new glasses.  LoL

I miss wearing my sunglasses!  😦  I am not able to wear them until next week.  I wish it would hurry up!  Sunglasses are very important for me!

I stopped taking my painkiller medicine for the serve pain.   I am taking Aleve to relieve the swelling which helps the pain.  The painkiller is a controlled substance and can cause me to addicted easy.   I don’t need to go take nap all the time and be dizzy again.    I am back to normal again.

I am able to cook and do dishes again.   I will go outside somewhere sometime today.   My mom wanted me to check on her dogs while she is out of town.    But, I have to take it easy.   I need to relax more, and work on my blogging and get working again on my crafts.  I am curious how working on making jewelry and hearing music in the background will be like.

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Got mail from ENT clinican

My husband opened my mail without my permission.  I slapped his head.   It’s my mail!  LoL   Anyways,  I read the user manual and warning about cochlear implant.   I looked at my activation schedule is on July 21, 2009.  I was puzzled and confused.  I thought the first clinician sent me an email for cochlear implant appointment is on July 7th.    My husband called to ENT to see what is going on.  He checked the DVD.   It was not working on our TV, laptop and computer.  Because it’s PAL outside of US.   I have to throw it away.  I need get another DVD for in USA only.

My first clinican said my activation schedule is still on July 7th.  She said apology to confuse me.   Someone must be mistake the schedule.     I don’t want to wait so long away!   I am pretty excited!

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Thoughts at this moment

I was in bed, when my left ear started ringing repeatedly.  I told my husband that I heard the ringing.  He said, “The nerves inside the cochlea causes tinnitus.”  It mean my brain nerves working.   That’s interesting!  I found some info stating that it is normal for all CI patients to have a risk for developing tinnitus.

I got up from bed, and really wanted to wash my hair so bad.   I am tired of it being oily and gross.   My hair hasn’t been washed since the morning of the operation.   I found a CI blog that gave me the idea to use a cotton ball to cover the incision behind my ear and Press “n” Seal wrap over to of the ear.    I was super careful to wash my hair and not let alot water touch my incision. I washed my hair in the tub to avoid water getting on my left ear.  I massaged the shampoo to get rid of the oil, and the dandruff on my scalp.  Then towel covered my hair to dry.  Finally I grabbed my hair dryer and was real careful not to use heat near the incision.  I felt so much better now that my hair is clean!

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Bandage off

StitchesWhen I got up this morning.   I went to bathroom and looked in the mirror, my head was swollen and my eye was all puffy.   I woke my husband up to call the doctor about bandage off.    My husband got confirmation that he could cut it off and  grabbed the scissors to cut the gauze off.    He took it off really gently taking really small cuts.  As I took the bandage off I took a deep breath.  I am feeling much better now that I got the bandage off. I saw behind my  ear that I have 6 staples.   I can feel the implant under my skin.  It makes me smile.  I wonder why my eye is puffy.    I really want to wash my hair but I can’t because of the incision.   Bummer!   I took a shower with dry towel wrap around my head.   I am about to go over to my mom’s house.   So she can take care of me when my husband is at work.   I don’t want to be alone at home with my dog.   I don’t want go outside in public to see my eye puffy and staples behind my ear.    I am able to sleep with my pillow normally without the bandage on. I am glad the doctors cut behind my ear instead of shave hair like they did previously.  They really didn’t shave that much hair.  Whew! Not that bad!   Here is the picture.

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Two days after Surgery

I got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I don’t feel like sick at all. I am glad to be home and getting plenty of rest. I am still wearing gauze bandage that is wrapped around my head. I can’t get it off until Monday. I had blood in my throat from the Eustachian tube when I spit. I can’t take a shower because I need to keep my dressings dry. I can’t wait to get them off tomorrow. It’s not very comfortable. My husband teased on me, he thought I looked grumpy or grouchy because of my forehead makes me look  mad. I’m not but is was funny anyway. LoL The gauze bandage is too tight for my head.

My incision behind my ear was painful this morning at 3:30am. I grabbed the pain medicine and returned to bed. I laid back down on my right side and hit my  cozy pillow. I got up this morning and had a sore on my upper arms and shoulder area.  I am staying at home and getting lots a rest. I am watching lots rental movies.  And we ordered pizza.  My husband is taking care of me.  Like any guy would (movies and pizza)

I can’t wait to get this stupid gauze bandage off tomorrow.


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My Surgery Day

Finally, My implant arrived at the hospital this morning.
Today my surgery is on my mom’s birthday. It’s special gift to her for me to hear. My mom always wanted me to hear. I arrived at the hospital at 8:30. I was ready for surgery. My surgery time was at 10:30.
After I woke up from recovery. I was a little dizzy. My head was wrapped with a gauze bandage wrap that made my forehead look a little swollen. For dinner I ate Chicken Stir Fry, Vanilla wafers and cherry cheesecake. It is great I don’t feel sick or nausea at all. I can feel where they cut and drilled into bone. I taste metal and it is numb when I eat. My pain is now a 7 or an 8 but it is better than when I woke up.
I was disappointed with the hospital for not having Closed-Captioned TV in my room. I can’t believe they don’t have CC available. I am feeling quite bored without TV and my laptop. I miss my laptop because my unit doesn’t have wi-fi.
My husband and I walked around the hallways for exercise. And low and behold we found wi-fi in the rooms in the new wing (found that out from Chris and our Blackberries’ wi-fi). We came back to my unit and picked up my laptop bag and my hospital water cup and high tailed it to the a waiting room with wi-fi. Oh the woes of being a geek, I can never live with having a connection. I want to blog how I am feeling today. Just be patient while everything loads for the next day. I promise everything will go up tomorrow.

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Bad News & Good News!

Me and my husband got to the hospital at 9 clock.  I checked in at the patient registration desk and then sat down in the lobby.  Then we went to surgery waiting lobby after filling out paperwork.    I got ready for surgery and then the doctor and his team came to the room I was in.  He said, “I have bad news about your surgery.  It will have to be postponed because the cochlear company didn’t deliver the implant to the hospital yet.”   I was disappointed.   Everyone apologized.   The doctor promised he would call me back to re-schedule.  I got dressed, and all I wanted to do was drink coffee.   My husband, both of our mothers, and I went out for breakfast at Bob Evans.

At 5 clock,  my husband got a call from ENT to reschedule for the next day.  I hope it will not be like it was today.     I have to take the antibiotics again, and can’t eat or drink after midnight just like the previous night.

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Welcome to my new Blog

I have a cochlear implant surgery tomorrow morning.  I will stay overnight at hospital.   When I get home.  I will start with post a comment on my blog to tell story about surgery and recovery.

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